We at Shri Rajan Industries put an effort to forward the best of Indian Arts and culture in this fascinating world and an attempt to bring above the handicrafts of Tamilnadu, the southernmost state of the Indian Sub-Continent. We manufacture all kinds of bronze icons at Shri Rajan Industries according to Silpa Shastra for Temples, Home Puja & Fancy Icons for Drawing Room, Reception Hall & Business Premises. We use 4500 years old hereditary process of the Chola King period called LOST WAX PROCESS.

We are Manufacturers of Bronze Icons, Exporters of Bronze Icons Panchaloga Icons (Five – Metal Icons), Ornamental Lamps, Tanjore Paintings.

New Collection

Beautiful Nataraja

The Nataraja is a single, powerful image that captures the heart and soul of Indian culture. Nataraja means ‘lord of the performing arts’ (nat is Sanskrit for performing arts, and raja is for lord), and it stands for the facet of Shivaji that breaks into tandava (Sanskrit word meaning the dance that represents the universe in all its diversity).

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What People Say

It was a very good experience & feeling a devotional look as I found very rare collections of statues which I have never seen before. A peaceful place with a memorable experience.
Vidhya Sharma
Very commendable effort. Deeply appreciate for the time spent sharing your beautiful craft and process with us. It was a great exprience for us and big respect for your passion in this Art form.
Carmela Harnum

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Please visit us to enrich your knowledge about 4500 years old LOST WAX PROCESS and our curated collection of unique Indian handicrafts is ethically handmade by experienced Indian craftsmen. These rare decorative collectibles put together and modernize the inspiration from our rich cultural heritage to fit the style of the contemporary household so that it stays in vogue for years to come.

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